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Women’s fashion has always been a larger industry, and it finally feels like the men’s sphere is playing catch-up. A man’s visual appearance is initially more powerful than what he says. The most basic rule of clothing, especially for men, who have fewer options than women, is that it must fit properly. And fortunately, fit has become a bigger concern for companies that make and sell menswear, as well as for the people who buy it. Each function in an Indian wedding is a reason to flaunt for one and all, be it male or female. Indian groom outfits can be categorized in a wide range of styles from silhouettes to pattern cuts. Men wedding wear has too much to present today, grooms can have a unique style statement of the details unlike the old times. Grooms have varieties to choose from now, for almost all the different occasions from engagement to reception for their formal as well as semi formal wedding wardrobe.

Mixing patterns in clothes is one of those areas that men seem to shy away from simply out of fear of not knowing what to match up. Generally every print and pattern has a message to convey so combining and coordinating patterns could be a little trickier but when a mix is done well it adds an element of sophistication which is well worth the effort. A paisley shirt paired with window pane plaid blazer marks your personal style with a class statement. Paisley is a perfect pattern for the lively mood of the lovely crowd at your wedding get togethers and plaid blazer adds a poise and prestige to your personality. Blue cufflinks have been selected to give an elegant touch and make the entire outfit look rich