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Clothes as text, clothes as narration and clothes as the story of our lives. And if you were to gather all the clothes you have ever owned in all of your life, each baby shoe and winter coat and wedding dress, you would have your
autobiography – Linda Grant.

Styling defines what you are. Some are born with it whereas some spend their lives searching for it. It is rightly said that style is very personal and it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion fades with time but style stays forever.

Selecting a wedding dress is creating your own personal style and more than just a fitting, its a process and an exquisite memory in the making. It should be a delightful blend of both Yin and Yang characteristics to create beauty, interest and harmony altogether. Each one of us has masculine and feminine energy within us. A balance between the two brings calm and the opposite brings unrest, be it clothing or personality. Seldom is a person yin or yang exclusively, instead, and like a symbol, a person is a combination of both, with one type dominant and the other type subordinate.

Beautiful romantic dresses touch chord with women of all ages and dresses with lace and ruffles appeals to both yin and yang. A Romantic bride is more comfortable with softly tailored clothing styles in softer fabrics and rich muted colors to gel well with her sensuous and charming yin personality whereas a classic bride chooses more tailored clothing styles in firmer fabrics and neutral colors to appear more poised and formal for yang effects. Your wedding outfit should not clash with your physical body or dominant personality traits. The extreme yin details should not contrast with the dominant yang figure. The mix of the traits is generally not in harmony so it is extremely important to create balance with your appearance. The dress should create lovely degrees of difference and establish a fashion frequency to fit your personal mood and occasion